As I look around me today there are signs of Spring everywhere. There is also a little less of that biting cold north-east wind! There are crocuses, snowdrops and even some daffodils beginning to show off their stunning yellow blooms.

For some of you, your thoughts may be turning towards updating your family portraits. And Spring and Summer are a wonderful time to do this. Some of you may already have booked your family photo-shoot with me and your thoughts are ‘What on earth are we all going to wear?’ I know this is the case, as when I speak to you on the phone this is the number one question I hear.

I am hear to help with some ideas and inspiration for you all on what to wear to your Spring Family Photo-shoot!

Firstly there are some very simple DO’s and DON’TS.

Aberdeenshire family photographer


  • DON’T match but DO co-ordinate

What I mean by that is you don’t all have to look the same. You don’t all have to wear a white t-shirt and jeans for your photo-shoot. That is so 1980’s!  Your family portraits are all about telling the story of your family, so let your personalities and individual fashion sense shine through.

When you are co-ordinating your outfits, what you need to do is pick a couple of colours that work well together and a neutral base colour and each of you choose and plan your outfits around those colours. I always tell Mum to start with herself, what she likes and feels comfortable in, and then work the whole family around that outfit by pulling in colours to everyone else’s outfit from yours.

Have a look at the example photographs (above and below) from some of my awesome past clients and notice how they are wearing similar tones of the one colour. It works really well!

Q74A0143 copy

aberdeen family portraits

family portraits aberdeenshire


  • DO add layers

We live in an unpredictable climate. It could be sunny in the morning, cloudy by lunch time and raining in the afternoon and hail in between! With that in mind layer your outfits so you can add and take away as the weather dictates. Add a chunky knit cardigan,  a denim jacket, a scarf, a funky hat or maybe a body warmer. And of course this can also provide you with several different looks for your photo-shoot.

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These are just a few tips to get you started.  However above everything else, be yourself. Be comfortable and relaxed and that is what will show in your finished images.

Looking for some more inspiration for your spring photo-shoot?  I have created a Pinterest board with lots more ideas on ‘What to Wear’. Have a browse to gain some more  inspiration. And I’m happy to chat through anything with you before your shoot! Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


I’ll be back soon with some more tips and ideas as we get towards summer, as the weather gets even warmer!