portrait of judy laing photographer for the about judy laing photography page

I’m Judy, a mum, portrait photographer, photography teacher and outdoor lover. It seems like only yesterday that my own three boys were babies and now they are towering teenagers.

Back then, before I became a photographer, I was a primary school teacher. I think this is when I first became fascinated with how children see the world. I learnt to connect with all types of children from the quiet, shy ones to the more noisy and energetic types. Now, I love to capture these unique personalities in my art; every child in every moment tells a different story.

I always aim to put you and your children at ease when I shoot because if you are relaxed and happy I can do my best work. I love the fact that my clients are so often surprised at how much they enjoyed the whole process. And the heartfelt responses when they see their pictures is truly rewarding for me.

I’m organised, professional, trained in the safety of newborn photography and fully insured. I understand you are trusting me with something very personal when we work together, and I take my responsibility seriously.

Please feel free to call me and find out more. I look forward to getting to know you better.